Teddy Full Body Side Angle

Tracy Buck

APDT #2007

CGC Evaluator #20481




Torrie Head Study


Tracy has been training dogs individually and in group settings since 1989.  She has instructed classes at Kennelwood, Petropolis, and WestInn Kennels. Tracy regularly attends seminars, conferences, and educational events to keep her skills current.  She has an extensive library of training resources and believes in continuous learning and improvement. Tracy has over 16 years experience with Clicker Training.

Tracy’s training motto is ‘Cause No Harm’.   She believes that no dog should be physically or emotionally hurt in the training process.  She believes in using reward-based training, and that harsh punishment and correction interferes with the learning process. 

Tracy was the Director for Sheltie Rescue for over 15 years; in this role, she served as a foster home, trainer and adoption placement counselor.  In 2003, Tracy reorganized Sheltie Rescue into a 501c3 organization called Second Chance Sheltie Rescue and served on the Board of Directors for the following two years. Tracy continues to volunteer for SCSR and other dog rescue organizations. 

Tracy is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).  She is a member of the Greater St. Louis Shetland Sheepdog Club, the Herding Club of St. Louis and the Greater St. Louis Training Club. In addition, Tracy holds a Bachelor of Administration in Business Administration and has held management positions in Information Technology at both Monsanto and Purina. 

Tracy lives with her husband Carl and 5 year old daughter Michaela, along with 3 Shelties: Micah, Lily and Dylan.

Micah is 11 years old and has titles in Obedience, Agility and Herding. 

Lily is a rescued 6 year old double merle who doesn’t allow her deafness to interfere with catching Frisbees or retrieving balls. 

Dylan is a recent addition, joining the family in October 2007, when at 3 days of age, he was brought into SCSR foster care along with his mother and sister. His mother and sister were placed in wonderful homes, and Dylan made it clear that he was meant to stay with us.   (Torrie, a 12 year old blue Doberman, passed away in June 2006 due to kidney failure. Torrie was rescued at 18 months of age and earned her CD and CDX titles prior to being retired due to Wobblers.  We also lost Sarah in October 2008 at 15 years of age due to liver cancer. )

Tracy’s family is completed by two retired Quarter Horses, two young Rocky Mountain Horses and two barn cats gainfully employed keeping the barn free of rodents.

Tracy’s training philosophy extends to her parenting approach, and she is a supporting member of Attachment Parenting International. Tracy is a member of MorningStar Church in O’Fallon, and highly recommends their worship services if you enjoy a contemporary service and desire biblically sound teachings.